One day while fishing a Weedline, one of us cracked a joke that, “Every Fisherman Love A Weedline”. Laughing hysterically about that comment, we  said how “WeedLine” would be a funny name for a fishing apparel brand...

Not being one's to pass up a challenge, and realizing that we all have trouble taking things serious in life, we figured that we would put our punk rock values, and DIY work ethics into motion, thus "Weedline™ Fishing Apparel" was born. 

From the begging, we set out to be be a “One Off” brand, with the goal of running many of our designs only for a limited amount of time. Just like Weedlines offshore, we wanted to be a little elusive, we wanted you to have to be on the lookout for us.

Truthfully it all goes back to our roots, our ethos. We haven‘t forgotten the days growing up surfing, skating, fishing, and rocking out to “B-Sides” that no one else was listening to. Reppin’ the T‘s that got you the fist bump from those that knew, that you knew.

Were not some box store brand, nor will we ever be. We’re the, “Dude where did you get that t-shirt” brand. We do that because it makes it personal. We do that because it makes it yours, not everyone else's!!